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Toggle picture panel in Map tour

Question asked by pdjkth on Oct 5, 2015
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We are using MapTour stoytelling with integrated setting and would like to have a toggle for the picture panel on the right when the user wants (as it covers nearly 1/3 of the map (and almost 1/2 using a 32" screen).


I tried to integrate a button and successfully toggle the picture panel for the first time with the following code in crossfader.js file:


var _toggle1;


_toggle1 = $("<div id='toggle'></div>");



$(_toggle1).fastClick(function() {

  $(_toggle1).toggleClass('closed', $(#picturePanel).css('display') != 'none');




It works to remove the picture panel completely, i mean once i click on the toggle it removes everything and the picture panel cannot be retained in that session again and also the picture panel doesn't appear even if i click other icons, untill and unless the map is refreshed.


I thought it would work as how the description toggle works, but not, I don't have any clue if i am missing something else in the code functionality.


Any help would be appreciated.



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