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Tracking a vehicle using ArcGIS Operations Dashboard

Question asked by ahmadabusaleh on Oct 6, 2015
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Tracking a vehicle using ArcGIS Operations Dashboard


The following tutorial “Monitor and respond to activities and events” which was provided by esri for the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS


A section descripts how to Follow a vehicle as says “You can see the ambulances moving around the map as they drive around the city. During an operation, you may need to track where a vehicle is, keeping an eye on its progress by following the vehicle on the map. The followed vehicle flashes on the map to enhance its visibility, and the map remains centered on the followed vehicle.


But the question here how to let the ambulance driver update his location “the feature point” doses he needs to do it manually like adding a point where ever he goes just to let the user who is following the vehicle on the dashboard updated ??

Is there a method to let the ambulance “the feature point” moves automatically on the map when the ambulance moves such as the GPS. Do the ambience needs any hardware to be installed on it or this can be done using an ordinary Mobile device which has a GPS activated and connected to ArcGIS collector?


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