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Extract By Attributes failing - question about correct SQL input for raster data

Question asked by kjacobacci on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by kjacobacci

I'm trying to extract only a certain value from a raster and display that as a new layer - I'm working with an Aspect raster derived from a DEM and want to select only Southwest (Class Value = 6) facing cells for display in a new layer.

I'm using the Extract by Attributes tool under the Spatial Analyst set.


Input raster is my aspect raster, for the SQL builder I was trying the following


"CLASS VALUE" = '6' (class value is a field that comes up when using the Identify tool on the layer).


It won't complete the process and gives me error 999999 [error executing function]

The Table was not Found

A column was specified that does not exist

Cannot acquire a lock

No Spatial reference exists,
Error 010213

Error 010325

Error 010067


Any idea why it won't complete/what steps I need to take to provide whatever information is missing? I have used the SQL builder a lot for vector data but not on raster data without an attribute table.