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ArcGIS Pro Table Joins vs. ArcMap

Question asked by roemhildtg on Oct 2, 2015



I'm used to ArcMap, where you can have several 'copies' of a layer and each one has its own properties like Joins. It appears however, in Pro, when you join Layer A with Table A, Layer B (copied from Layer A) also gets that join.


Lets take two parcel layers each with the same data source FileGDB.gdb/parcels. Join one with a table, and Uncheck "Keep all Target Features".


Parcel layer 1 only shows the parcels that match with the table, but Parcel layer 2 is also now joined and only shows the features that joined. Is there any way to prevent this, so that Parcel Layer 2 shows all of the parcels, while Parcel layer 1 is only showing the joined rows?