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Trouble adding new shapefiles to layers

Question asked by LoraLD on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2015 by tonystowe

I am a new GIS intern in my state's Historic Preservation Office.  We have a "master" map with all of our state's archaeological sites in four layers (depending on whether it is a site, a survey area, etc.)  I have some shapefiles that consultants have created for their reports (points, lines, and polygons) that I need to add to our map layers.  They don't have attribute columns in common (so can't use Merge) and I have tried both Union and Intersect with no luck.  I get error messages with both of these, because I don't want to create a NEW layer, I just need to add the shapefiles to the existing "master" map.  I feel like this should be a very simple procedure, but perhaps I am thinking all around the solution.  Any help would be appreciated.