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Querying by date in Internet Explorer yields an error

Question asked by evtguy on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by evtguy

I've laid out the details of my issue over in the Javascript API space in this thread but here's the quick summary:


I have two map services which have two date fields (startDate and endDate) which represent the beginning and ending date of a mapped event. I wanted to use a query definition on the layers so that events that have "expired" or occured in the past do not show up. My previously linked thread has the JS code which shows this but what I am experiencing is that this definition expression works in Chrome & Firefox but does NOT work in Internet Explorer.


IE seems to be interjecting (or NOT removing single quotes) when it comes to the query that is passed on to AGS. I can paste the URL query from Chrome into IE and it will work but if I paste the query from IE into Chrome, it gives me the same 400 error (a malformed date expression).


Are there any special considerations for date queries under IE? BTW, the back end SDE database is SQL Server 2012.