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How do I add zipcodes to a CSV with only a street address

Question asked by tonystowe on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by steven_3535

I have a CSV file with 100,000 lines of crime data that I want to geocode.  The problem is the data only has the street address and does not have an associated zipcode so i cannot geocode the data.


I have two files:





I do not know Python and am limited with using ModelBuilder so I need your all's assistance with making this process easier. 


QUESTION:  How can I create a shapefile that will merge the 35 zipcodes in the county and I have no idea as to how I can efficiently geocode the 100,000 incidents and end up with a clean shapefile.


I manually did this by creating 35 columns in the excel file for the 35 zipcodes, then copied the zipcodes for all 100,000 incidents.  I then manually geocoded the Crime CSV for each zipcode.  One zipcode would have 2,000 incidents, another 450 incidents, another 35 zipcodes, and so forth.  Once complete, I had to manually remove all Unmatched records from each of the 35 shapefiles and then combine everything.


The 2014 crime data is the first of 14 years of crime data that we plan to analyze so the above process is not ideal.


What suggestions do you all have to a solution because I need help!