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tiled service with multiple areas of interest

Question asked by gk-archibus on Sep 30, 2015

i would like to host a tiled service for a map with multiple areas of interest.  the areas of interest are in different geographic areas, so i would like to tile only the areas of interest at city scales and below.  arcgis online, unlike desktop/server, doesnt provide an intuitive way to do this.  after some googling/reading, i tried to publish the map for my 'primary area' of interest using the current map extent.  after the tiles were published, i tried to manage the cache from arccatalog, to specify additional area(s) of interest.  however, the area of interest option is unavailable (grayed out) in the manage map server cache tiles dialog for the new hosted tile service.  surely, others have managed to create tiled services for discrete geographic areas without tiling the entire earth, yes?  what might i be missing here?