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Primary vs. Construction?

Question asked by Solraticus on Sep 30, 2015
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I'm relatively new to ArcGIS/ArcMap.  My 'expertise' for the past 20+ years has been with Microstation CAD.  So my question is approached from this angle.


In Microstation one can place either Primary and/or Construction elements.  There is no difference between the two visually ( or at least one can control their display however one wants so these can visually display exactly the same ) the only major difference is that Construction elements do not print.  In a sense, they are similar to Guidelines in ArcMap ( I'm using 10.1 ).


Is there a manner in which to do the same in ArcMap?  Is there a manner in which to place, for example, a circle graphic but have it excluded from the final print even though it is visible?


Thanks for your time.