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Control resizing of ESRI.ArcGIS.Desktop.AddIns.DockableWindow

Question asked by saurabh18.cs on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by saurabh18.cs

Hello Everyone,


I need a quick help on stop resizing of dockable window. I have added WPF user control as a child to this esri dockable window and i want user cannot resize this on arcmap. It should be of fixed width. How can i achieve the same ?


Here is the code for reference


public class AddinImpl : ESRI.ArcGIS.Desktop.AddIns.DockableWindow


            private System.Windows.Forms.Integration.ElementHost m_windowUI;


            public AddinImpl()



            protected override IntPtr OnCreateChild()


                m_windowUI = new System.Windows.Forms.Integration.ElementHost();

                m_windowUI.Child = new dckSafeDevt();

                //m_windowUI.MaximumSize = new System.Drawing.Size(305, 500);

                return m_windowUI.Handle;


            protected override void Dispose(bool disposing)


                if (m_windowUI != null)









dckSafeDevt is the xaml usercontrol.