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Android Collector - Won't Open Offline Maps Without Cell or Wifi Signal

Question asked by allenallen on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by allenallen

I have the latest Collector App on Android 5.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S5.  I will be heading to a remote wilderness area with no cell service.  So I figured why not create an offline map with trails and topo maps using Collector offline mode?  The map downloaded to my device just fine and works great.  However, when I put my phone in airplane mode (which is what it will be in on my trip to save battery life searching for a cell signal), the Collector app gives me a blank screen and wont show me any maps.  It gives a pop up that says a cell or wifi signal is required.


Is this a bug, or by design?  If by design, it would seem to defeat the purpose of an "offline" map, if you have to open it "online" first.