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ArcGIS imports colours incorrect

Question asked by Futterer_Benedikt on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by markus_uhb

Hi all,


I want to export the height-classification of a TIN, which I've classified with different colours, as a picture from ArcMap and drape it afterwards onto the same TIN or a Raster, which I made from this TIN, in ArcScene to export it into VRML. But when I add the exported picture to ArcScene the colours are usually painted incorrect. I tried out different pictureformats (BMP, JPEG, PNG; TIFF and GIF) an different Resolutions, rarely it works by a TIN but by others it doesn't work anymore. When I adding this pictures via Add Data in ArcMap I've the same problem, but when I insert the pictures with Insert->Picture the pictures are painted correctly. Also in Adobe Photoshop or Windows Photo Viewer for example all colours are painted correctly, too.


The first picture shows the wrong colours, the second picture show the correct colours.


wrong colour.png

correct colour.png

How must I export the pictures in ArcMap, that they are painted corretly in ArcScene? Or is this not possible? Is this due to the import filter?