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What are the limitations of touches()?

Question asked by raze on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by CLau-esristaff

I have a rather large and complex shape I created from a flood raster in ArcMap*. When I imported it into CE and tried to test it with touches(), the function didn't trigger. I then simplified the shape in ArcMap and tried again, but that did nothing. I then created a few similar shapes manually in CE and they worked. What could be the problem here? Is there a limit on the shape size, geometry or complexity?




1: Shape created in CE, 40 vertices

2: Shape created in CE, 78 vertices

3: Shape created in Arcmap which reports 117 vertices (according to CE's geometry.nVertices(): 101)

4: Shape created in ArcMap from the above one (simplified), ArcMap: 54, CE: 37 vertices

5: Shape created in ArcMap, 4 vertices


The cubes are the "touch-tester", with yellow indicating a touch.





*I tried two ways, "raster to polygon" and "raster domain", but both lead to the same results.