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Question asked by krperdue on Sep 28, 2015
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I am wondering if anyone out there using ArcPad and GPS technology has had any good/consistent experiences with GPS sub-foot technology.  We have had 2 different GPS units, and neither has given us the usefulness promised.  Our first, Trimble GeoXT, with sub-foot was purchased in 2007 through ESRI and there was always a problem with the software, firmware, etc. until the unit would no longer power at all.  Our Trimble retailer would not work with us when we purchased the second unit  (because the first unit went through ESRI and not a Trimble Retailer).  The second unit is an Ashtech Mobilemapper 100 purchased in 2012 with an RTK solution which was giving us the sub-foot we needed.  Now I can get a GNSS solution and see satellites, but ArcPad can't connect to get a satellite fix.  I've triple checked all of the settings. The Ashtech retailer and Ashtech have dissappeared from existence.  The financial outlay we've made with the results we've had just does not warrant repeat mistake or GIS time if the technology has not worked for others..  We're a water utility with under 25,000 services so this is a very big deal that promised technology does not work.  I was hired to start the GIS here 9 years ago, and for the exception of GPS, our GIS program is very successful and we are happy with it.


Honestly.. this reminds me of the GIS dark ages and Intergraph.  So I am really hoping someone has some good/consistent experiences with GPS sub-foot accuracy that they can share with me.  I was really counting on Sub-foot GPS in our overall GIS plan.



Karen Cedeno-Perdue

Council Bluffs Water Works