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Define "Development" and "Production" for your AGOL items

Question asked by jamesfreddyc on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by tminterWork

Simple question: How do you/your organization define "Production" version of WebMaps or WebApps?


Since this AGOL environment is so far removed from what a traditional software development shop might be operating under, how do you handle the requirements from admins and management for building, updating and deploying "Development", "Test" or "Production" versions of Web Map and Web Apps within your AGOL environment?


To start, I've come up with an initial list of properties for what defines a "development" version Web Map:


1. The name or other description or tag properties must contain the word "beta" in them.

2. Any services must be non-production (aka, pointing to "development" published services)

3. Sharing must only be at the Group level and not with the Organization or Public.


To define a "production" version Web Map:


1. The name, description or tag properties must not contain any reference to "beta" or "test" or other such description.

2. Any services must be production versions (aka the service urls must point to "production" end points).

3. Sharing can be at the Organization or Public setting.


Can anyone comment, add to, or modify this?  I am attempting to satisfy system admins and management with answering their question: "Is this Web Map in production or development?"