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Routing Daily Water Meter Collection - Arclogistics?

Question asked by BACOGIS2007 on Sep 28, 2015
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We have Wi-Fi meter reading from municipal vehicles moving at ten MPH. We have a basic routing network based upon centerlines and address points. The problem I am trying to solve is how to create routes for the work week for our fleet to traverse the network and collect every meter within the 30 day billing cycle. And then each subsequent billing cycle the data collection repeats. Based upon 8 hour days, we need to route from the starting point to the first days worth of collection. Then the second day should ignore those collected the first day and collect 8 hours worth. Third day the same and so on.


I originally tried loading the sample data locations (5811) as stops, running the entire one route solution, and then selecting the edges used in said route to calculate time based upon distance versus a global speed limit of 10mph. But this isn't going to help optimizing daily and I see other inherent problems selecting the data in the order in which it was traversed.


Also looking at the time elements and time windows, the Out of the box Network Analyst doesn't seem to support the daily routing of a fleet, each day, for a 30 day window. I admit I am slightly perplexed as to how to implement the time windows when you can enter a starting time but no end time.


So any advice anyone can give or experience they have had using the Network Analyst will be appreciated. I have really just started using it for routing in our county and they have asked for this complicated solution which seems level ten in terms of complexity. Please also note we do not have a vendor who is supplying a front end user interface so I am wondering if that is the only way to solve this type of complicated issue. I have seen some cursory info on Arc Logistics so I would appreciate any input for this as a solution as well.