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GPS Receiver recommendations

Question asked by SamuelHenderson on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by rborchert

Hi Everyone,


We are looking at using some Windows based rugged tablets in the field for doing on-the-spot data entry that also includes storing GPS coordinates.  So we would go to the asset, capture all the information (including current GPS coordinates of the tablet) in a custom app we've already developed and then later import this data into our existing GIS system.


We'd like the receiver to have 'sub meter' accuracy.  I've looked around a bit and found things like the Arrow Lite by EOS  and the  Geneq SXBlue II GPS Receiver but these are both ~$2,000.  In fact all sub meter GIS grade GPS receivers I've seen above the $2000 mark.  Are Map grade GPS receivers accurate enough for what we want to do and would their price be significantly less than $2000?