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Data Analytics using ArcGIS and OSIsoft's PI

Question asked by vwitzel on Sep 24, 2015
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We have an installation of ArcGIS for Server and the PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS in a development environment and are trying to better understand the analytical capabilities that can be performed on PI data within ArcMap and the Operations Dashboard. We are successfully displaying assets from our OSIsoft AF server within both applications. Additionally, we've been able to use color coding of objects within ArcMap based on their underlying data and have used Summary widgets within the Operations Dashboard to display summary values either for all assets shown on the map or for selected assets. However, we would like to take this one step further and perform basic analyses (mins, maxes, counts, averages, sums, etc.) on selected objects, say, using a lasso tool. We saw a video on the topic (see below) and would like to learn how to do this. Is the software shown in the video ArcGIS Online? If so, how does this distinguish itself from the functions of ArcMap and the Operations Dashboard?


Mapping Real Time data with the OSIsoft/PI-ArcGIS fusion - YouTube


Appreciate any insights you could share