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Migrate from OLD SDE Server to New One

Question asked by ericcmeyers_COB on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by ericcmeyers_COB

We currently have an ArcSDE server here at the city that we will be replacing. We are currently in the stages of building a new SDE server and want to replace the old one as smoothly as possible with little to no down time. We've been informed by ESRI and some of our IT staff that it can easily be done by installing a SQL Server instance with the same name as our current instance and switching over the server names. For example GISSDE > GISSDE2. Basically we mirror the old machine and then switch the machines so that we are not forced in having to update all of the backend links for all our of map services, projects, apps, etc. Can anyone provide and insight regarding a business process like this?