Geoprocessing credits model and gvt budgets?

Discussion created by nick.damato on Sep 24, 2015

Just curious: how are public agencies constrained to annual budgets handling the need for dynamic billing of credits?   Over the last 2 cycles we've had the same repeating problem.  Our fiscal year runs from July to June,  So, we request $X for ArcGIS Online credits, which we buy in July and then everyone is terrified to use/approve them, so they sit until around April when everyone realizes we need to start using them up before our Fiscal Officer looks at the data and asks "Gee you're not using these, do you really need $X next year?"


Which leads to another inherent problem is that people aren't really learning the on-line tools quickly because they're hesitant to experiment and goof up when it costs credits each time.    


So, what have you tried?  Allocation per month?  Each employee gets 500 free credits to "Play around with" however they want?  dynamic billing?   I'd like to suggest some changes but wanted to see what others are doing first so I can say "So, and so is doing this..."