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Reporting bugs or any other issues

Question asked by on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by GUpchurch-esristaff


I am a customer of many different ESRI products and I am being supported by a representative company at my country, which supports all my needs and problems which I may have regarding the products of ESRI I own.


This means that whatever way of communication I would like to have with ESRI, it all must go through the representative company and not directly.


This arrangement is all good and nice until the point I witness many "unimportant" bugs and faults which are not reported to ESRI for mostly the reason of complexity to open a case/bug or the expected answers or just the importance of such report and I cannot help but wonder how ESRI claims to understand the needs and requests of users and customers and make a true connection if all communication is being made through a 3rd party company?


In the last 3 years a lot of "small issues" I found was filtered out instead of being reported to ESRI and I am fine with this, but today I have 3 bugs I'm URGING to report and I really must admit I'm very annoyed by knowing that I cannot report it to anyone other than my representative company - which will probably find me a different solution / work around so we could forget all about those bugs as most times and not report them.


And still... I wanted to ask, as customer, is there actually a way to communicate with ESRI directly or am I forced to go through a 3rd party as always?