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ArcGIS SQL Server SDE Database Replication

Question asked by deanhowell2009 on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by jborgion

I need some advice on setting up database replication for our remote GIS users.



We currently have the GIS data stored in SQL Server sitting in our Data Centre locally.



There are around six users in the GIS team in another state editing data in two sde databases.



I would like to create a local replication for these two sde databases to be stored on the interstate server.



The final set-up should allow the six users interstate to edit data in the local sde instances and then manually or automatically synchronise with the main SQL Server database in head office each day/night.



I have added Global Ids to all datasets that will be edited and now need to figure out the next steps in the process.



1. What sort of replica do I need to create i.e. two way, one way, check out for the interstate users to be able to edit each day and then synchronise at night (or when they finish their edits).



2. What is the best practice for users to be editing in a multi-edit environment?



3. Do I need to create the replica on a regular basis or is it just a set and forget process?



4. How do I automate the synchronisation process?



5. Is there anything else that I need to know to ensure a simple implementation?



Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.






Dean Howell