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appBuilder in Portal without AGOL

Question asked by MattPil29 on Sep 21, 2015
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I'm looking for someone to confirm my understanding and maybe answer a few side questions before I start a new project.  I have a client that wants to start with AGOL before investing in Server and needs a custom app.  I could write a JS app from scratch but would rather leverage all the appBuilder goodness. So is the following accurate and supported behavior:


Step 1: Take out an AGOL subscription for 50 users.  Use AGOL to host some data and appBuilder to define a custom map.  Use collector for remote data collection.


Step 2: If I need a custom widget then download the map definition.  Use developer edition to extend the definition and develop widgets using the SDK.  Host it on an in-house HTML server.  Connect to the data in AGOL.  Consume licences from AGOL org account.  Collector can populate AGOL but the custom appBuilder map will not be visible outside the companies firewall.


Step 3: If the clients user base grows they will invest in ArcGIS Server 10.3.1.  This comes with Portal and the appBuilder.  Modify the definition in Step 2 to point to Portal and get data from in-house Server.  No AGOL licences required.  Collector won't connect to portal as its behind a firewall.


Are these steps correct?

Can Steps 1 & 2 host/consume private data?

Can Step 3 work without AGOL organisational licences? 

How can I do remote data collection in Step 3.


Thanks in advance,