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Sharing a Service to E: on AWS using ArcMAP

Question asked by TSI-AR on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by tmichael81

I've inherited a Map Server that's implemented on AWS using EC2.  ArcGIS Help mentions 'When you first create the cache, you'll write it to an EBS volume that's attached to your EC2 instance. This volume is attached at the time you build your site, and it's a good place to put the cache if the volume is large enough. If the volume is too small, you need to create and attach another volume and register a server cache directory on it.".  The original implementation did not follow this advice, and when I share the map as a service it is done on the C: drive.


I'm running through Remote Desktop and managing my data in ArcMap.  I'm adding parcel data to the Table of Contents, and then using "file->Share As->Service" which brings up a dialogue that includes connection to "arcgis on localhost_6080 (publisher)", which I assume to be the ArcGIS server located on C: within the EC2 Instance. 


I am now encountering space limitations and must move the cache to another drive.  I have set up an EBS volume and attached it to the EC2 instance as drive E:.  I'm now floundering trying to get ArcMap to share to this new volume/drive.  I know I need to register "a server cache directory" and do this relative to the output function of ArcMap.  However, I cannot seem to find guidance on what steps to take.


Any suggestions or help is most appreciated!  FYI, I'm a newbie to the AWS-ArcGIS environment, so I apologize if this is a simple or obvious question!!