Problem in invoking method on IActiveViewEvents.FocusMapChanged Event

Discussion created by viji_24 on Nov 15, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2010 by syamarth
Hi All,

I am simply trying to invoke a method on IActiveViewEvents' s FocusMapChanged Event. But somehow method  given for its handler is not getting invoked on focusMap Change Event.

Following is the code I have used:
private IActiveViewEvents_FocusMapChangedEventHandler DFocusMapChangedE;
private Map m_map;

m_map = (Map)m_mxDoc.FocusMap;
DFocusMapChangedE = new IActiveViewEvents_FocusMapChangedEventHandler(PerformSelectionChanged);
m_map.FocusMapChanged += DFocusMapChangedE;

Similar code on writing for SelectionChanged Event gets involked properly on selection Change Event.

Please help.