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Problem with Projection

Question asked by igor92128 on Sep 18, 2015
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I have a Query Layer that I have added to ArcMap from SQL and the spatial reference ID is 4326. After adding the view into ArcMap and ensuring that the data frame has the same spatial reference, the data is still not lining up correctly. I have even exported it as a shape file, deleted the PRJ file and imported it back and added the coordinate system 4326 but the result is still the same. When I drop it into ArcMap, it displays properly but the extent is:


Top: 2170108.000000 dd

Right: 6609886.000000 dd

Bottom: 1748025.000000 dd

Left: 6151029.000000 dd


and it should match the extent of my other data:


Top: 33.382430 dd

Right: -116.292880 dd

Bottom: 32.564070 dd

Left: -117.350790 dd


If I try to manually set the extent to match the above, the data disappears.


Any ideas?