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How to change the esri logo link to custom link?

Question asked by chricks on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by rscheitlin

I can change the ESRI logo to my own logo by adding this into the jimu.css file:

.map .logo-med, .map .logo-sm {

             background-image: url("https://mylogo.png") !important;/*your logo */


             bottom: 5px;

             cursor: pointer;

             height: 70px !important; /* size of your image */

             position: absolute;

             right: 5px;

             width: 100px !important;/* size of your image */

             z-index: 49;



and i can remove the imagery attribution by adding this to the config.json under mapOptions:

"showAttribution": false,


I can also change the location of the logo by adding this in the jimu.css file

.map .esriControlsBR {

    position: absolute;

    left: 110px !important;

    right: auto;

    bottom: 5px;

    z-index: 30;

    text-align: right;



But how do i change the link from to my own?

I saw a thread Replace ESRI logo with custom logo?  that uses this: = ""

I'm not sure where to make that change.