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Find and Replace issues when trying to "Replace All"

Question asked by manofthewild07 on Sep 17, 2015
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I've been trying different methods for replacing certain values in a large attribute table quickly. I've found several methods with tools developed by third parties or python scripts or field calculator scripts, however all of them are specific to each field in the table. Unfortunately I have to change values for many fields.


I have found that the "Find and Replace" function within the table window works well when trying to convert a number (such as -999) to another number. But, I need to change the value -999 to <Null>. I can do this for each cell by clicking "Find Next" and "replace", but when I use "Replace All", it does not work. It doesn't do anything.


Is this a bug that I should report? Is there some fundamental reason that I haven't thought of? Although I don't see why it can change each cell individually but not all the cells...  Is there a tool or python script that I can use instead?


Thank you for your help