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Feature class bounding box is much bigger than XY extent?

Question asked by turidbrox on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by itdmoric

I have a feature class where the XY extent (on the Feature Extent tab of the Feature Class properties) is set to a relatively small extent - max y 6 657 856 meters, min y 6 646 293 meters).


Yet, the Bounding Box for the feature class (on the Indexes tab of the Feature Class properties) is very large (max Y is 9 007 189 256 640 meters min Y is - 9 998 100 meters, probably the Maximum for this coordinate system - ETRS 1989, UTM zone 32N).


This seems to be impeding performance when editing. How can I tell the Feature class that the bounding box should be much smaller?