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Changing order of segments in line features

Question asked by Gizmo4ever on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by Gizmo4ever

I´m trying to make routes out of existing roads. My problem is that no matter what I do to the line segments are in the wrong order. I´m working with a multipart shapefile. I need 1 feature for a whole road, with the same roadnumber and to do that I dissolved the lines that share the same roadnumber. But that does not let me choose in what order they are placed. I wished it would have started with where the road starts (from what direction it was drawn) but that was not the case.


I tried dissolving, I´ve flipped the lines to be in the same direction. I´ve manually tried to merge them in an edit session and even split them to dissolve them again hoping arcmap would rearenge the order. Those are the solutions I came across from different forums so far and they do not work. I´ve found nothing that helps when googling and I´m new to python so don´t know if I could do this in python somehow.

so right now I´m stuck with redrawing the lines by tracing those features that are in the wrong order and going through every feature to see in what order the segments are.

Some suggest using the unsplit tool as an option, but sadly i don´t have the license to use it, but reading about it I can´t tell if that is the right solution and it doesn´t help me since I can´t use it. Are there anyway to reorder the segments. feels like it is something that should be possible to do.

I even have problems with roundabouts, but those segments it´s easier to manipulate the measurements after I´ve created the routes if I need them to be correct. But my main problem is visualized in the picture. The red vertex that indicates the end point, is in the middle (shown here in the upper end of the pic)  but it should be located at the southest endpoint of the road.