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Coloring of shape edges using CGA

Question asked by gardta on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by gardta

I am trying to color edges (border and interior) of a planar shape layer (see screenshot) in CE using CGA. Ultimately, it would be great if colors could be chosen for the background (faces?) color as well as the outlines (edges?). I have been looking into the comp(Operation) option to select out the edges and color them. If I use:


set(material.opacity, Transparency)

color (...)


...then I can change the color/transparency of the entire shape, but the individual shape outlines are not visible and do not have a distinct color when I export the models as .3ws. I would like to be able to designate colors for both the outline and shape in CE prior to the export. Any suggestions would be very helpful as I am new to CE/CGA.


I have attached my current CGA code as well as a snip of the layer I am working with.





version "2015.1"



attr Fill_Color = "#FFFFF"

attr Outline_Color = "#000000"

attr Transparency = 0.9


Shape -->

  set(material.opacity, Transparency)

    comp(e) {all: color(Outline_Color)


    comp(f) {all: color(Fill_Color)