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Web Map do not use the alias changes from Service

Question asked by dllamasgmtgis-esridist Employee on Sep 15, 2015
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I already have  a web map created in ArcGIS Online. I had to change the alias from the layer in the MXD and overwrite the service. The service now has the schema i need

but the webmap that is reading that service do not see the new changes in alias, it still have the old schema.

I change the url in AGO-ASSIST and it said it was success

If I create a new web map and add the layer it sees the changes, the problem I have is that if i remove the parcel layer and add it again, for some reason my attribute table widget in WAB Dev remove my layer and even though i add it again using the same name and service it never add the layer again

If i want to have my Parcel layer again available in WAB DEV (And i need it, is the most important layer in my application) I need to recreate a new app all over again. So, my question is, is there a way that my layer already added to a web map in ARCGIS Online see the overwrite change of the parcel service?


Thanks for all your help!