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Work Flow question--Layer to SDE to AGOL to Opendata

Question asked by oitogrip on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by pmoehring

I have an sde database that contains a feature dataset.   The layers in the feature dataset periodically need updated.  The layers are also in services and have been added to agol and shared in opendata.   What would be the best method to replace an old layer with a new layer without having to redo everything. 

So essentially I have my GDB.  

I have a feature class in SDE that is in a map service that is also been added to agol and then added to my open data group.  It is time to update the layer in the feature class with the new one we received.  What is the best method for doing this?  


Layer --> SDE--> Service --> AGOL --> Open Data

There are several Hundred layers that need updated.   So it isn't just a one off kind of thing.  


Thoughts??  Comments???