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Customize Map Tour with basemap switcher

Question asked by pdjkth on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by pdjkth
Branched from an earlier discussion

I have downloaded the zip file of the template "map-tour-storytelling-template-js-master".

I have tried all possible ways i can to customize the map tour template to add a basemap switcher, but i am not success full.

May be I am not able to accesss the right file to add the changes. when ever i add the basemap gallery it does not give any error, but it doesn't give the basemaps either. I always get an empty base map button as shown in the figure.

This map tour template is using id=mainMap, while the basemap switcher need id=map.

I am not so expert in javascript so I am not able to edit MainView.js file.


It would be very helpful if you can suggest an idea how I can customize.

Thanks in advance.