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The best to remember a question from the last survey?

Question asked by timmerspk on Sep 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2015 by HFerrier-esristaff

If I was doing a door-to-door survey is there a way to remember questions from the last house?  e.g. street name?


Favourite answer is not a good workflow for us.


BTW impressive work.  I'm looking at it for damage assessments and I was able to take our schema, which had been stored in Excel, and make up a much better form than we're currently using in ArcGIS Mobile and Collector in about a hour, and that's with learning how to use the app.  I hope it gets productized. 


I'm going to get some of our field staff to test - especially calculated fields, images on choices, and constraints.


I hear we might be getting some improvement on dealing with photo size in Collector?  Is that within the API and is there a chance that will be passed on to Survey123?