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Anchor Point Preset for 3D lines?

Question asked by wowwwww on Sep 13, 2015
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We are using Arcpro to show an underground wastewater network and its doing a nice job. The 3D point symbol works nicely as we can set the bottom invert of a manhole as the elevation and then build a 3d structure based on the height of the Lid, using a anchor preset of "centered above". This means the manhole lowest point is the manhole invert, were as usually doing this would build the 3d structure equally up and down around the z value.


But for the pipes, the Z value we have is based on the bottom of the pipe (not the center of the pipe). However, the 3d lines builds the pipe around that Z-value and we can't set the Z-value as the bottom of the pipe. So we would specifically like a anchor point option for 3d lines. Is this possible?


We have looked at getting around it by setting a elevation expression, to add half the diameter of the pipe to the Z elevation. But again there doesn't seem to be a way, remembering that the Z values of the pipe have differing values?


Is there any way of doing this dynamically?