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Anyone experiencing duplicate global ids in base table?

Question asked by isamuelson on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by wroe

We are having an issue where after we sync from one geo database to another, and then a rec and post happens in the child geodatabase, the child geodatabase is showing duplicate global IDs in the base table. This appears to be occurring when there is an edit in the parent geodatabase that is then synced to the child geodatabase.


It is a two-way sync but the parent is set up as the geodatabase to use in case of conflicts. This doesn't appear to occur with all our tables, but we are noticing it a lot since upgrading from 10.1 to 10.2.2 in certain tables.


In this case, we'll see in the parent geo database the original record still in the base table, and the edited version in an edit version. It doesn't seem to rec and post to the base table.


What appears to be happening is, that the edit from the parent geodatabase comes over to the child database but for some reason gets either rec and posted to the base table without getting rid of the previous edit or gets posted directly to the base table. In effect, we get two records in our base table with dupe global IDs. And with every sync, rec and post, the number of dupes seems to grow each week.


Has anyone else experienced this? We are talking about a table with thousands of rows. We cannot pin point why this is happening and it's a very important table in our geo database.


The table is versioned and is also set for archiving. But, this issue has been on-going before we enabled archiving. We were able to remove the dupes before enabling archiving but now they are back and we don't know why. We're wondering if it's the replica between the two databases, but it used to work before 10.1 and now this has occurred since upgrading to 10.2.2.


Any help would be appreciated.