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Corrupt admin account / Portal installation?

Question asked by HavardMoe on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by havard.moe_JBV

Hi everyone,


we have a test server going where we have set up ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 (workgroup) and Portal. Setting up the Portal was relatively easy, and I made some adjustments to the site (new basemaps) and added a few maps and services from AGS on the same server (and from out prod. AGS server running 10.1). All well so far.


Now, all of a sudden, my admin account is "corrupted" in some way, and all the things I did, as mentioned above, are gone.

  • I can't log in:

Unable to sign you in to Portal for ArcGIS

Make sure you type in your username and password correctly. Your password is case sensitive.


  • I can't reset the password
    • When I try to reset using the 'Forgot password' option, I just get "Error: Unable to modify information for user".
    • Trying the 'Reset password' option from My organization (using a colleague's admin login), I just get "Error: Unable to reset the password for member '(my account)'".


  • I can't edit any profiles
    • Using my colleague's admin login  Itried to edit my profile, but only got "Error Updating Profile:  Unable to modify user information at this time."
    • I also tried to edit my colleague's own profile and got the same message.


  • Strange message when adding new user
    • For this test we have added a few users as built-in portal members. Trying to add a new admin account I completed the registration, and then got "Complete! (green check symbol)" and the message "Unable to add the following members: (new account)".
    • It seems I can log in to this account, but still can't edit any profile info/password. I tried to change password from the profile, and now this new account is at point 1 above (Unable to sign in to Portal for ArcGIS)...
    • *sigh*


So... what could be wrong here? What can cause all content of an account to disappear like that? Why can no one update their profiles anymore?