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Clipping to multiple polygons?

Question asked by dmensah2 on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by iamurray

Hello everyone! Right now I'm trying to clip a point shape file to 9 different polygon feature classes. I've come up with this script, but it's not working for me for some reason.


Wildfires is the point shapefile and the boundaries are all polygons I'm trying to clip the point shapefile to.


import arcpy
>>> from arcpy import env
>>> env.workspace = "L:/OPP/Rangers/Central Office/GIS/Deidre GIS Reporting Files"
>>> FDRA_Boundary = ['Catskill_FDRA_Boundary', 'Long_Island_FDRA_Boundary', 'Leatherstocking_FDRA_Boundary', 'St_Lawrence_FDRA_Boundary', 'Southern_Tier_FDRA_Boundary', 'UHC_FDRA_Boundary', 'Lake_Ontario_Plains_FDRA_Boundary', 'HudsonValley_FDRA_Boundary', 'ADK_HighPeaks_FDRA_Boundary', 'ADK_FDRA_Boundary']
>>> for boundary in FDRA_Boundary:
...     arcpy.Clip_analysis('Wildfires', FDRA_Boundary, FDRA)


Forgive me if this is a simple question. I'm still trying to incorporate basic python into my workflow.