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Invalid redirect_uri

Question asked by bokeefe on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by rastrauch
  1. Download the WebAppBuilder.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Transfer unzipped files to new folder.
    ( Avoids having app buried levels deep in folders. )
  4. Double-click startup.bat
  5. Browser window opens.
  6. Enter my portal... and hit [Continue] button.
  7. Browser window requests App ID.
  8. Login to the Portal you specified in the browser window of point 7.
  9. Add Web AppBuilder as an item like directed in the 'Get Started Document.' (GSD)
  10. In the item details page, click REGISTER under App Registration section like directed in the '(GSD).'
  11. In the item details page, copy the App ID under App Registration like directed in the '(GSD).'
  12. In the browser (from point #7), paste the App ID into the text box of Web AppBuilder, and click Continue like directed in the '(GSD).'
  13. Get Invalid redirect_uri anyway...
  14. Head over to ArcGIS for Developers.
  15. Make sure your app is all setup.
  16. Still doesn't work.

What's going on?! It was working fine a few days ago. Then suddenly it stopped saving ANYTHING I did in the Web AppBuilder altogether. It would run during the session, but once I closed the browser nothing I had saved would be saved. So I deleted Web AppBuilder, downloaded a new copy, UNREGISTERED and RE-REGISTERED the App... did everything like before... and still no love.


I have maps I need to be making... HELP!