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Show relates from destination layer/table

Question asked by fferrazzaesriitalia-it-esridist Employee on Sep 10, 2015

Hi all,

i need to know by arcobjects which other layers/tables are related throught relationship classes or throught relates to an other.


For relationship classes there are no problems.

For relates, if I query the origin layer is ok, but if i query the destination layer, the relate has not shown.


Here a little code example:


                 ILayer lay=ArcMap.Document.SelectedLayer;

            IRelationshipClassCollection relClasses = lay as IRelationshipClassCollection;

            IFeatureClass fc = ((IFeatureLayer)lay).FeatureClass;

            IEnumRelationshipClass enumRelC=relClasses.RelationshipClasses;




            IRelationshipClass relC = enumRelC.Next() as IRelationshipClass;


            if (relC == null)






            while (relC != null)


                MessageBox.Show(relC.OriginClass.AliasName + " "+ relC.DestinationClass.AliasName);

                relC = enumRelC.Next() as IRelationshipClass;



So, if the selected layer is the origin for relate, "OriginLay DestinationLay" has shown, if the selected is destination one, "NoRel" has shown instead.


Could you help me?