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display symbol (featurelayer) in infowindow ?

Question asked by vincent_choffrut on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by joshhevenor

hello everyone,

thanx for your attention.

I'm programming a (simple) infowindow that displays the fields attributes of a featurelayer and I would like it to also display the symbol of the object.

here the code sample, it works very well but the symbol in the infowindow is undefined.

check on line 7 for ??? : that's where a little something is wrong (most probably), and I just can get my hand on it...

does anyone has a clue?

thanx again in advance!

greetings from France


IW_geol_reg = new FeatureLayer("",{opacity:0.8, outFields: ["OBJECT", "DESCRIPTION", "DATE"]});

// affichage infobulle :

IW_geol_reg.on("mouse-over", function(evt){

map.infoWindow.setTitle("<b>" + evt.graphic.attributes.OBJECT  + "</b>");

map.infoWindow.setContent("<b>" + evt.graphic.attributes.DESCRIPTION + "</b>" + "</br> <u>Datation</u> : <i>" +                       evt.graphic.attributes.DATE + "</i> </br>" + evt.graphic.symbol.???);,InfoWindow.ANCHOR_UPPERLEFT);


IW_geol_reg.on("mouse-out", function(evt){