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Draw & Measure Widgets not activating in custom theme since 1.2 upgrade

Question asked by cgishack on Sep 10, 2015
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I recently updated our code base to the 1.2 builder and viewer. I am having some issues with the default Measure and Draw widgets (the only 2 out of the box widgets I use). 


Basically the buttons do not stay activated and the drawtool code deactivates instantly. When I click on the draw button the css class "jimu-state-active" gets added to the element but the instantly gets removed.  Something  in the 1.2 code has changed and I am having difficulties trying to figure it out. 


Please note this is only happening in our custom theme we have built in house and not in an ESRI theme. There must be some event I need to add to my theme code or something..


Any ideas ?