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Survey123 - Create Replica Fails

Question asked by djhunter on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by FTiru-esristaff

I started using the Survey123 application this week - Version 1.0.158 - Windows7 - 64 bit laptop - collecting content with iOS.


Everything works great - XLS Forms, GUI, Publishing to ArcGIS Online, iPhone Application, Collecting Attachments and review of collected information in ArcGIS Online appears accurate.



When I try to export the content to a file Geodatabase within the ArcGIS Online environment - it fails.


Also, When I try to create a replicate file geodatabase of the content using the service URL - it fails.




I can create a local copy for editing from an ArcMap environment successfully...



Any suggestions for resolving the create replica issue?

Any known limitations on size of a file geodatabase using the local copy work around?


Survey123 Project is attached.


Any help is appreciated - Thanks.