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A way to add Features faster in Arc Online?

Question asked by dougbrowning on Sep 9, 2015

The way it is now you have to click the feature template you want, then add the feature, then close the attribute box, then click the feature template again to go on to the next one.  We need to do some fast feature adding and this slows us way down.


It seems like you can click the feature template again and that removes the attribute box but is there a way to default to the last feature template used or have it just stay selected (or a default one or something).  That way we could add features one after the other without all the extra clicks.  For example if a point I want to be able to just click, click, click and immediately add 3 features.  (This IS possible in ArcMap).  I even have just one Feature template and it still unselects it after each feature add.


At this point we will have to not use Arc Online for this project.  Just plain too slow.