September 2015 Storytelling Apps Release

Discussion created by OEvans-esristaff Employee on Sep 10, 2015

Last night (Sept 9, 2015), ArcGIS Online was updated in a release focusing on quality and stability. Here is a list of some of the issues addressed in our Storytelling apps.


  • Spellchecking has been added to all input fields in Map Journal, Map Series, Map Tour, and Swipe apps! The quality and experience of the spellchecker is browser-specific.
  • Various improvements to the web map picker: ability to clear search field, look and feel of pagination and thumbnails. (Journal, Series, Swipe)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the addition of links using HTTPS (or protocols other than HTTP)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the legend's 'Open by default' setting from persisting after editing an entry (Journal/Series)
  • Fixed the behavior of the 'Unload when reader navigates away' feature to accommodate a web page containing autoplaying audio/video content (Journal/Series)
  • Fixed the Bullet Layout overflow dropdown list icon placement (Series)
  • Fixed an issue in Safari with the text editor that caused the cursor to jump to the top of the section when hitting Enter. (Journal/Series)
  • Various visual improvements and fixes to text and element position/layout.


Lists of all the issues addressed can be found in the release notes on the public repositories for the Storytelling apps on GitHub: