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Calculate Fields Using Python

Question asked by RBradley on Sep 9, 2015
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I have some tables in our Enterprise GeoDatabase that are used in a Map Service for another application, Cityworks 2013. To link the table asset to other data created in Cityworks (Work orders, etc.), a particular field must be designated for linking. This field must be unique and unchanging for each asset row in the table, and also the application is being used to add new assets to said tables. When a new asset record is added by Cityworks it does not automatically calculate the field designated for linking in the correct method. It simply places an OBJECT ID in that field, but we need it to also have a combination of other attributes. When performing a mass upload of this tabular asset data into our GeoDatabase I employed Field Calculator to update these fields using a concatenation Python Expression: "%s-%s-%s" % ('CP', !Field1!, !Field2!)


I would like to automated this expression to update this field on a regular basis, but cannot figure out a way to only update new records that have been added by the application and not overwrite existing data. Any help would be greatly appreciated!