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Point in polygon association

Question asked by csgeosol1 Champion on Sep 9, 2015
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A few years back, when we were evaluating ArcGIS Server, I created a geoprocessing proof-of-concept service that received a lat/long and returned polygon IDs containing said point. There's now a need to actually use this feature, and within a high-volume environment, no less, so I've been looking to redevelop properly. There appear to be a few ways to go about this - Simple enough! However, what's the fastest, most performant way?


I have a map service containing a few thousand overlapping polygons (just need the layer to make the association) - I would like to send an x,y point (lat/long) and return a list of IDs from the map service.


I came across this thread:


How to find the polygon containing a given coordinate using ArcGIS Geometry Service? - Geographic Information Systems St…


Should I go about it this way, or should I use GeometryService?