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erase textures in rule?

Question asked by MicahShane on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by MicahShane

This may be something simple I am missing, but I have modified a building rule from a tutorial to include a balcony with a sliding glass door.

However, because the main facade rule sets the texture to a brick wall jpg, every time I do a split and attempt to insert a sliding door paints the sliding door with the same bricks.  I have tried using deleteUV(0) in the rule that places the door, but the bricks are still there.  Is there a way to erase the texture from the sliding door (I want to use the textures that come with the door obj file, not a rule texture).


And later in the code I insert the door object

And the door is placed but has this fine brick pattern connected to it, howver it is supposed to be solid shiny gray.