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Editing issue with implementing Collector App for multiple agency ESRI group.

Question asked by pbeilin9 on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by pbeilin9

Our multi-agency Public Safety group has greated an ESRI AGOL group to share applications and data with each other.  Issue we've noticed, is that when we are using a shared (shared between members of this group) WFS, to compile damage data between our different agencies through the collector app, is that a user from the other agency (though part of the same ESRI sharing group), cannot edit the data.  They can select and see the data, but the option to edit does not show up when they click on the feature of interest, like it does for me, who created the point feature.  The wfs and map are both set to allow all editing for members of that group.  Any ideas if this this possible within the same shared wfs between members of different agencies with their own organizational accounts, but also members of the same ESRI group?  They are typically user status.